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Updoot is

A global fan platform aiming to connect fans around the globe with each other and their favourite artists, all in one place. In a space where fans can express their true desires while effectively collaborating on fan projects, the power essentially lies in the hands of fans. Our platform acts as a brand new communication channel from fans to artists.

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Make a Wish

“Wishes” on Updoot are the perfect opportunity for you to tell the universe what you really desire and wish for.

Tell the community who your favorite artist is and what wish you have for them!
Do you want them to collaborate with another artist? Or would you like to throw an event in their name? Whatever you wish for, tell us and the global fan community for a chance to make your wish come true!

Group project

Group Effort

Do you have ideas for fan projects but don’t know where or how to start? 
Collective fan effort can make it possible!

We will gather your wishes and help you get the word out to other like-minded fans across the globe. The more fans engage with your wish by sharing or upvoting, the greater the chance that your wish will be heard. From emotional to financial support, eventually your wishes will have the potential to become big!

Fan network


Only viral wishes reach the stars! Updoot ranks wishes according to their popularity and level of engagement.

Boost the engagement and ranking of wishes you would like to come true by sharing and upvoting them. The more popular your wish, the greater the chance of it being fulfilled. Participate in our fan power ranking by either uploading your own wishes or supporting other fans’ wishes you like!


A universe for all

One centralized global fan platform 🌎

A safe, open, transparent space for all fans 🚨

A well-connected global fan network 🔥

A new communication channel from fans to artists 💬

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