UPDOOT x Kooola City Partnership

UPDOOT Media partnered up with Kooola City to promote upcoming events
HONG KONG, Dec 1 (Press) – Updoot Media, an Entertainment Fintech platform, has announced a partnership with Kooola City PTE. to promote the upcoming events. Throughout the partnership, Updoot will work closely with Kooola City to promote virtual and hybrid events hosted by Kooola City as intended to groom the presence in the Web3 Entertainment space.

The two major events include a Web3 eco-vision forum, where Updoot Media’s co-founder Ms. Livia Yau and Partnership Manager Mr. Roger you will speak and moderate a panel focusing on the development and potential of Web 3 applications within the Entertainment Industry; and a launch party celebrating the upcoming virtual concert starring world-renowned rapper TYGA.

The partnership will allow both parties to combine their expertise and services to help facilitate a strong foundation for the further development of the Entertainment Web3 application and reach a wider reach to the audience to seek business opportunities.

About UPDOOT Media


Updoot is a web 3 Entertainment Fintech platform bridging the gap between fans, artists, producers, and investors all in one place. The aim is to address issues and solve problems for all entities involved in the production process, and to enable users to participate in Entertainment proposals, crowdfund, and partake in entertainment investment.


About Kooola City


Kooola City, also known as the Realy Metaverse, is a hyper-realistic style AAA metaverse with the integration of social ability, e-commerce, gaming and trading. Powered by Unreal Engine, Kooola City supports NFT purchases on the Solana chain.