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Financing Possibilities

Updoot is a FinTech platform dedicated to the Entertainment industry.

Our DAO technology enables users to take part in Entertainment proposals, crowdfund, and partake in the entertainment investment.

Updoot Investment DAO

Take control in launching projects

Updoot Fandom Lab

Cook up project ideas with fellow fans

One solution for all

Updoot is a web 3 DAO-based platform bridging the gap between fans, artists, producers and investors all in one place.

Our aim is to address issues and solve problems for all entities involved in the production process.
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There’s so much content out there but you can’t find the content that you really want? Your ideas matter – write them down!
Actively let the community know which content you want to see!
Take your idea to the next level by building your own proposal and collaborating with industry veterans.

Investing in the Entertainment industry is challenging without the right connections. To tackle this problem, Updoot provides a reliable investment platform that allows everyone to participate in Entervestment (Entertainment project investment).

Manage all your assets in one place and get to know your global fandom community better! We offer a web app that allows you to communicate and interact with your community, earning you exclusive tokens. 

Due to the high number of people involved, Entertainment projects are complex in nature which makes their creation process even more complex. Updoot’s web and mobile solutions aim to make this process as transparent and easy as possible for everyone involved.

One of the biggest hurdles in the Entertainment project creation process is funding. By allowing fans and investors to participate in the process, Updoot wants to make sure that projects approved by all entities get the necessary funding and that everyone earns benefits after release!

Our tools

Updoot provides DAO-based mobile and web solutions to make Entertainment projects accessible for everyone. With our tools, users can create Entertainment proposals, crowdfund and invest into the projects for financial gain.

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