Fandom Lab:
incubating fandom ideas

Fandom Lab is a platform built for fan voting, with the goal of turning fandom creativity into reality. Fans who have a vision and support it can make a suggestion to Updoot’s Creative Committee.

Selected ideas will be turned into reality through a series of tasks and phases, from design to release. Fandom Lab gives fans a chance to experience the creative process, unlike ever before!

Fandom Lab Token


$STARDUST is our virtual loyalty point on-chain. 
By engaging in our P2E activities, users can earn $SD, which grants governance power on our Fandom Lab.

How our Fandom Lab works

Everybody is creative. But, so many great ideas never see the light of day.

That’s why Fandom Lab is here to make your ideas come true! Submit your Wishes and build your own proposal. Let the community help back you up as it can: get support, feedback and funding for your project!

We love seeing alignment and enthusiasm from our communities, but we also know things can get heated.

Fandom Lab allows you to make a choice, invite others to voice theirs and then listen to what the community thinks. The more you participate with your community, the more $Stardust you earn!

P2E + Fan event rewards

You can earn $SD token by actively participating on the mobile app.
When your proposal comes through, you and your communities will receive special perks, including backstage prevelages, early bird offers and more.

Creative Committee

Creative Committee members are a board of professionals from the Entertainment Industry.
They will sponsor fan-proposed entertainment projects, coordinate their professional networks to improve and develop the projects.

Think of them as the Genie that helps making your WISHES come true!

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