Web 3 Entertainment Financing

It's time to take entertainment investing to the next level.

We believe that the incorporation of Web 3 toolings can bring solutions to existing problems and give rise to more creative options in the industry. For Updoot, Web 3 enables a platform where fans, supporters, retail investors and institutional investors can join hands by providing their altruistic thoughts and financial support to facilitate Entertainment projects with the most substantial potential.

Entertainment + Investment

Updoot is a launchpad for Entertainment projects, where you, creators and entertainment entities can get inspiration and directly communicate with your fandoms. On the financial side, you can raise funding from fans’ token donations, while retail and institutional investors can invest in your projects and make profit.

Ultimately, Updoot opens a new venture for Entertainment investing and fandom community, and we aim to grow with you and multiply your business opportunities.

Updoot covers all verticals of the Entertainment Industry

From films, tv, music, theatre to live concerts and events, regardless of their scales and genres,

Updoot provides a versatile platform and accessible tooling to assist your fandom and financial management.

In fact the more obscure, the better! Web 3 is all about community and participation, and we believe niche communities have as much, if not more momentum, support and gravitas than any stans.

Expand your network beyond Asia

Unlike other industry, network plays an indispensable role as international collaborations are what makes the industry exciting. Updoot encourages entertainment entities, and their respective fandoms, to do cross-boundary communications and collaborations. On top of that, our Creative Committee will help you bridge into new audiences, new markets and new opportunities.

Project Management Tools

A structured pre-production can assure the fundamental success of projects.

Our software makes it easy to collaborate, keep an eye on budgets, & deliver on time.

Community Management Tool

When it comes to community management, it takes more than just a Facebook page and Twitter account.

It takes a team of people and an optimized tool!

Want to partner with us?

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