Updoot x Fringe Club Events

Updoot and Fringe Club to host recurring events for Hong Kong music scene

HONG KONG, Feb 14 (Press) – Updoot Media, an Entertainment Web 3 Company, is joining with Fringe Club to host a series of live music performances to help promote the local music scene. Every two weeks, Updoot will bring along music groups from different genres and backgrounds to unearth local music talents’ potential as to demonstrate its purpose of bringing changes into the entertainment industry.

Titled ‘The Playground’, this collaboration will take place at Fringe Club, an established performing venue where its mission is to help emergent artists and promote artists abroad through cultural exchange, which aligns with Updoot’s holistic ideas to utilize fandoms’ altruistic value to support their artists. 
The first session welcomes the 5-piece musical group R.I.D.D.E.M. Its current lineup was established in 2020, the group’s fresh, DIY approach rooted in genres such as jazz, soul and breakbeat brings a unique, modern sound to Hong Kong’s live music scene.

In the following months, more live music performances will be hosted. Being the organizer, Updoot is thrilled to bring excitement and enthusiasm of undiscovered energy into the city.

Stay tuned to Updoot’s Instagram and LinkedIn for further announcements.